no time to blog recently - it's been pretty crazy in the last 2 weeks. it feels a little strange to be home in the afternoon! i've been spending most of waking hours in school, so it's a bit of a luxury to be at home today! there is a ton of stuff waiting to be done, but i'm ignoring it all for now. in fact, just behind me on the floor of the study are scraps of fabric and fashion pics scattered all over the floor - part of my research file work for Line and Colour class.


Been busy with assignments particularly the 2 major skirt projects i have for my drafting and draping classes. the good thing is, that after weeks of drafting, drawing and sewing the final products are ready and i'll be photographing them soon once i get the skirts on a mannequin!

my skirt project for draping class was pretty much a disaster - i don't know why. Thought the fabric was pretty easy to sew, but my experience from step one was rather horrific...nothing went well and i took a lot longer than i expected to complete the skirt.

the drafting class skirt turned out a lot better despite me thinking it was much more complicated than the draping one. i'm going to be able to wear it, yay! only problem is that the material is so delicate that i'm afraid it's going to fall apart very soon....sigh


Charmaine said...

hello! just wanted to say hey and hang in there! when's your hk trip??

dot said...

hey! i'll be in HK from 23rd to 28th!