Finished Skirt

So here it is, the finished product on one of the school mannequins. Looking rather grubby - these mannequins have so many pins stuck into them and some are pretty battered up!!

etro skirt 1 small

this picture captures the actual colour of the skirt more accurately.
those things hanging on the door are blocks, or slopers - they are the most basic clothes form and we derive all apparel patterns from them.

etro skirt closeup small

Just finished my Menswear Drafting exam and also Sewing exam, yay!
Thought I'd reward myself by blogging, heh


Alicia said...

Whoo hoo! You definitely have a winner here!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo. The thong skirt looks quite nice.


Jackie Teo said...

Looks expensive.....what fabric did u use? Looks like chiffon for the black part and crepe/satin for the gold portion?? Anyway, I'm impressed!!!

dot said...

hey everyone, thanks for your comments - at least i know someone's reading the blog!

alicia - thankful it turned out this way - i was very stressed towards the end, worrying if i was going to screw up right at the last bit!

reg - see you still haven't gotten over your thong fetish

jac - the gold is some funky metallic material, i don't even thing it can be classified as fabric - it's more like a fancy dress costume type material! actually my tutor wasn't too impressed - she thought it was too stiff to give the skirt a good "flow"! black fabric is georgette - it's similar but thicker than chiffon, so easier to sew!

dot said...

oh forgot to state the cost - approx $15 for material - no more than $20.