Fashion Show !!!

oooh oooh!

I have just experienced my very 1st real life fashion show!! Just returned from school's graduation fashion show held at the Swisshotel Stamford....I was helping out as a dresser, the people who help the models change clothes backstage.

It was a riot backstage - space was small and cramped...we had like 4 models and 2 dressers squashed between 2 racks of clothes. It's all quite fun....each dresser has 2 models to dress, and a rack of clothes plus their corresponding accessories and shoes.. photographs of the models wearing the clothes during their fitting session are stuck on a piece of cardboard which also goes on the rack. The cardboard also lists the order in which the models appear. We refer to this to find out how the garments are worn - we have to note the order of appearance and make sure they are dressed and on time to go out on the runway. We also have to find the designers, ask them to show us how to wear the garment and memorise what goes with what!

Man, was it crazy!!! The 2 models I had appeared in almost alternating "scenes". This meant that the time to undress and dress each model is very short, because you have to take care of both almost simultaneously. After my models' first scene, I was so focused on getting the new outfits for them, I forgot that I had to first help them undress! I got better after that! I have a picture with 1 of them, Sally - she reminded me of Scary Spice - but the picture is in Mini's digicam cos I forgot to bring mine! Will upload soon!

The models were mostly caucasian, sounded European to me.....only 1 or 2 were Asian...and i spotted Lee-Mei McCurdy (sp?) among them..they were all very good looking..v tall and thin...and down to only their thongs when dressing!

There were male models too (whoo hoo!) and I got lucky cos my rack was the closest to theirs so I had a good vantage point heheh...but anyways it's so crazy backstage there is no time to gawk! The school deliberately did not have female dressers for male models because last year they did, and the dressers ended up chatting (and not dressing) their male models!

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