hey all..sorry about the frequency (or lack of) of posts recently. school has been getting crazy and even now as i'm typing this i'm in serious procrastination mode...i have 10 pages of figure drawings to complete by TOMORROW. yes. this was an assignment given 2 weeks ago...and i'm still here typing....so, go figure. blogging is so much more fun!!

anyhows...the bad thing about school (compared to work) i guess is that we have to make up for public holidays! which is why i'll be back in school this saturday : ( to cover for the labour day holiday...sigh. and there's also vesak day coming up

recent accomplishment - the colour wheel! finally, ta-da the completed item..
the colours here are all derived from the 3 primary colours (red, yellow and blue in case anyone's forgotten) plus black and white. this took me a good 4 full days to complete, and i'm so glad it's done!

Oh, and got a real big ticking off today at Line and Colour class. We were to prepare for an assignment called "The Psychology of Colour" where we depict our perception of different colours and their influence on fashion. We had to bring along cut pictures as illustration.

So, ALL of us completely missed the brief of the project and turned up with completely inappropriate pictures......and our lecturer is the most demanding teacher of all the subjects since she's used to lecturing senior/ graduating students so you can imagine what happened. We spent the afternoon in the library instead scouring for suitable pics, but we didn't turn up with much.

And I'm sending out a request for magazines, people! If you have any fashion/ design related magazines which you don't want, please send them my way cos I need them for lots of my assignments, and also for personal inspiration.

Foreign mags are preferred, like Instyle, Glamour, Vogue etc. Store catalogues (e.g. Club 21, Diesel) also welcome. But please don't send me Robinson's or last year's Wisma Christmas catalogues!!! I'm not trying to be snooty here, but it's got to be of some decent standard - trust you guys to have good taste; you know what I mean! Also preferably not too outdated - anything within the last 6 mths will be great.


charmaine said...

I have quite some magazines, happily pass to you next time we meet :D

Anonymous said...

wah, i still think that color things looks like some cult symbol.... ommmm....