Killer Project

Man, I was *really* tired yesterday. Stayed up past 4am the night before working on my Line & Colour- Psychology of Colour project. I was like flipping through every page of every magazine at home yesterday trying to find appropriate pictures to use. It's crazy, but in a strangely perverse way, I did enjoy it, I guess. It's a satisfying feeling knowing that you've made an effort and know you can expect great results. But, to put things in perspective, this project contributes just 5% to the final grade! But boy, is it demanding.

Could not sleep in late either because had to go back to school to work on the 2nd part (uh huh there's more) of the project. Was *completely* zoned out..

Whoo Hoo!

On to more exciting things...just got a few pieces of the dotty bags in other colours!
Here's a little peek




I'm expecting the whole lot to be ready in the next 2 weeks, and I'll post bigger and better pictures then. You have to pardon my mini shots - I'm too excited to not share them at all, but at the same time I want to make sure I get all the colours in before I post the pictures proper.

Have also been working on project green apple aka bridesmaid's gowns.
Gerry's bodice block (i.e. pattern) has been completed for a start, and Esther's is next!

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charmaine said...

fab patterns for new dotty bags! collect all!!!