I've got work but I'm still blogging, heh....

Once again, procrastination sets in.

You know the botched Line & Colour project in my last post? Well, supposed to do that tonight. Here's a list of my other assignments due soon....droll

Line & Colour - Psychology of Colour
Line & Colour - Collect fabric swatches for upcoming project
Drafting Assignment 2 - Draft & sew a flared skirt with inverted pleat and pockets
Draw more human figures for Figure drawing class
Draft and sew a skirt of own design/ from magazine

Other personal projects I'm working on/ hope to work on:

3 bridesmaids dresses - priority item!
1 more dotty bag, half sewn
Satin pyjama pants, half sewn - have left this for ages!
Necktie blouse, almost complete - missing buttons/ buttonholes only....I want to get this done quick so I can wear it!
Make shorts for Kisu
Try making some clutch bags - I've got a pattern that I really want to try!

So many projects so little time....sigh.

Oh and the stuff I've been up to -

Monday - attended Laura Fygi concert with Gladys, thanks for the tix!

Tuesday - ate at Hooters ...did you know they do good buffalo wings???

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Anonymous said...

ah, tasty wings... i don't know fashion, but i sure know tasty wings when i eat them...! :)