I am dying here.....

so, guess what i'm doing at 7am in the morning??
Line & Colour

spraying adhesive glue at magazine pictures in the yard (if you could call it that) area of my apartment. yes! it's a leftover (i.e. did not complete) assignment from last night. This is the horrific "Psychology of Colour" piece that I've been whinging about.

this is what this morning was like
last minute gluing of pictures for assignment due at 2pm today
rush 1 round of laundry
shower and change
find spare zipper around house in preparation for sewing project at school tonight
cut random fabric swatches in preparation for another Line & Colour class assignment
draft today's blog
read papers
eat breakfast
prepare school supplies and pack bag
search desperately for reference material on how to sew a seam pocket, in preparation for drafting class assignment - we need to sew a skirt by next week

at school

9.30 - 1.00 sewing class. Continue sewing A line denim skirt that we started yesterday. Started next sewing piece, a kimono (misnomer, it is a bathrobe) Sat for overlocking test. What is overlocking?? Essentially it helps you finish raw edges on a garment. Flip the hem of any T shirt up and you'll see it at the edge.

1.00 - 2.20 Skip lunch break to complete sewing skirt which must be handed up by this evening. Still not enough time! Drats

2.20 - 6.15 Line & Colour Class. Assignment got graded on the spot. I'm glad to say that I did pretty good on it. Phew, at least not a complete waste of time. Start doing drafts of a card design. Rush out during 10 minute break to grab curry puff & goreng pisang to sooth my noisy stomach.

6.15 - 7.15 Dinner at MacDonalds. Some of my classmates discuss the possiblity of changing courses or reducing their time of study. People are starting to break down on this course. We've been getting more and more absences from certain students

7.30 -9.45 Return to school for more sewing to complete our assignments.

10.30 - 12.15 Start Figure Drawing of Faces to submit tomorrow.

And then I blog...and am still here. It's such a luxury now!

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