High on Adhesive Spray

Whoo Hoo!

More 3M Adhesive Spray Action!

This is my latest assignment from the dreaded Line & Colour module - the Research File.

research file prep

We've been learning about different lines (e.g. vertical, horizontal, curved, diagonal, mixed etc etc) and shapes (geometric, abstract, figurative, realistic) - preping us to design prints in future. So for the research file, we had to find fabric each depicting one of these different lines and shapes...and find a matching fashion photo to boot! Ideally, we should get as close a match as possible of the actual fabric print to the garment fabric print in the photo. But this means countless hours of searching for the best photo- fabric mix. Imagine. Luck plays a big part of it as you can see.

I got like maybe a 70% match, but it was taking up so much time I decided it wasn't worth it. There are othe assignments to move on to!!!

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