Group Photoshoot!

I did something today that I have not done in *years*

what's that?


yes, that's right. neoprint. sticker pictures...yup yup yup. and boy was it different from the 'old' days! half of morning class got cancelled as the teacher was sick, so we ended up wandering around in bugis junction. Qin Yao had the brilliant idea taking sticker pics, so all of us squashed into a booth. And it was a HUGE booth, nothing like those teensy screens that I remember. Still, it was a bit of a squeeze since there were 10 of us!

Here are the pics in progress


And the artistic team behind them - Afton, Jenny & Cyn


The final product
Left Picture
Top row (L-R): Galu, Mini, Lidya
2nd row: Afton, me, Shirley, Qin Yao
3rd row: Jenny
Last row: Lishan & Cynthia


Another random group shot from a couple days ago...at Mini's apartment building


Update on school work: -
I'm going to be creating these 2 skirts as assignments
Meaning I've got to interpret the skirts into actual pattern pieces, find suitable material and sew up the garment
drafting dress



Jackie said...

Hi Dot,
Your classmates seems fun to hang out with. Wow...interpret the pattern from the pic, seems pretty tough man!! I've been skirt-crazy lately, been buying so many boho gypsy skirts that are so in now...some of them reminds me of the tierred skirt I used to sew during home econs class. Do u have June school holiday? Or study all the way??

dot said...

they are a crazy bunch! and very fun to hang out with. I have june hols - end of june...as for the skirts...got teacher's help mah...hopefully they go ok. as of now have no idea how to go about it!!!!

Reg said...

Dot, you seem to look younger now. I want to go to fashion school too.
: P