Gerry's dress..1st Cut

so, i cut and sewed this late last night while watching DVDs.

I must say sewing lessons at school have really improved my speed and technique. I save time marking my fabric and the resulting garment is nice and clean - no chalk lines, yay! I find it pretty incredible that a garment can be created from scraps of fabric where there are completely no (visible) guidelines! And yet, sewers know exactly what to do through a system of discreet snips and dots on the fabric.

Also, never underestimate the importance of ironing! It makes all the difference to the finishing and ease of sewing a garment. I love school's huge ironing boards and super heavy duty irons with their bursts of steam.

the dress isn't finished 'cos I haven't bought the zipper yet and I can't go any further until that is attached.

this is it hanging on the door of my wardrobe. and if it looks pretty wide, it's not because gerry is big! garment fronts are larger than their backs. and in this case, to give a better fit in the back,the back piece was further reduced, and the amount transferred to the front when drafting the pattern.


and a close up of the bodice

the dress has a band just above the waist giving it an almost empire cut look and the straps sit on the edge of the shoulder.
and folks..this is not the actual dress, lah! it's only a mock up made in muslin to give us more flexibility with fit, etc. see *much* nice actual apple green fabric in my other post below.


charmaine said...

haha, i was reading and reading n thinking, how come not apple green. finally, your last sentence to clarify haha! :D

Alicia said...

Just to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of your blog, m'dear! Mwah mwah,

dot said...

cool, thanks! keep tuning in!