Finally Time to Relax!!!

so, we finally made it to the shisha place at arab street.

we'd been talking about going for some time, but since assignments took up most of our free time, we never did go.

but yesterday, classes were cancelled in the afternoon, so off we trooped to the Ambrosia cafe..and made a pit stop at Mini's apartment along beach road.

here's afton goofing around in mini's apartment.
see that little figure behind? we use it to help us in our figure drawing class. great movable joints, fully pose-able!


Here's the gang enjoying shishas. So glad to have an afternoon off and not be at school!
(L-R): Lu, Lydia, Afton, Jenny, Mini


mini trying to show she can blow smoke out from her nose...


lu trying the pipe


after that we returned to school to work on sewing our skirts for the drafting assignment due next wednesday. Managed to finish most of mine. It's on muslin (raw unbleached cotton) and its really ugly!

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