Fashion Pirate

Lots of stuff to update on today, and a ton of photos as well!

Last Friday was Kisu's JPMorgan farewell party...so here I was rushing from school (where I was doing an assignment on my FREE day) to Kasbar at Far East Square. It's a fabulous place, and really crowded on a Friday night. They even had a belly dancer that night, but in my opinion she wasn't authentic enough. She wasn't really belly dancing! This is based on my expert (1 beginner's course in belly dancing) opinion, huh.

Of course being Kasbar, there were shishas as well. Here's Kisu enjoying his. A little too much, I think...



And I just had to include this picture because I found it so funny!

This is Mike Jones, one of the ICSers who id working with Kisu on his project. Is it just me, or does he bear a striking resemblence to Sahba behind that cloud of shisha smoke... hmm, it could just be the shirt I guess ...


Action's started....Kisu and a "waterfall" - you can't see it but it's actually flaming and full of sambuca. I guess it's a gigantic flaming sambuca! Toon Ling where are you????!!


And the requisite shots...


Shall not go into specifics about the rest of the evening..

Anyways....I spent the whole of Saturday in school doing a make up class followed by more assignment work....

And today I started sewing my drafting assignment skirt.
It's based on this skirt by Etro...so's Kisu dubbed me the Fashion Pirate for trying to make a designer knockoff!

drafting dress

Starting out with the fabric pieces


The finished back piece.


Plus the front piece!


Wait, were you expecting it to look exactly like the actual skirt???
Hello, there's a reason why they charge you for these designer pieces you know!

I was expecting it to be pretty difficult because I was working with tricky fabric. The black stuff is geogette and slips and moves when cutting and sewing, making it difficult to be accurate. I found it ok actually; the difficult part turned out to be getting accurate corners for each of the panel pieces of the skirt.

And Kisu keeping me company throughout...while he played Morrowind on his laptop



Reg said...

The centre portion looks like panties (albeit long though)
hahahahhah. Sorry I'm amusing myself here (in the midst of mugging for my exams)

dot said...

oh yeah, 1 of my classmate's skirts has a similar portion, but here's is a short skirt, so it looks like a thong!!!