Week 3 - things are hotting up!

it's so nice to hear from everyone! it's wonderful having friends (especially those who have been out of touch for a while) getting in touch again because of this blog...keep those comments & emails coming! i need all the help i can get to stay motivated in keeping this blog updated.

after 2 sessions of sewing (mon & tues sewing class) - produced this!!!!
"technical" term - Bodice with
Sweetheart Neckline. How terribly exciting, eh.
Had a horrible time with the zipper at the back (you can't see it too well in this pic) - unpicked 3 times and still wrinkly..I gave up and decided to hand in. i get major marks deducted if i hand the assignment in late. Twice managed to do the intelligent thing of sewing seams on the right side of the garment - for those who still don't get it, seams should be on the wrong side, lah. so smart, right? Unpick...again, sigh


Belated birthday celebrations with gladys, cindy, shirley, yeow hua, little nat at brewerkz last night

little natalie and i! what a big shiny spot on my forehead!!!! unfortunately don't know how to use photoshop to make myself look better...oh and did i mention that i don't have photoshop either....
jenny, waiting for your demo and free software.

the happy parents, shirley & yeow hua with nat


today we studied shading in Figure drawing class - it's supposed to also help one draw better as you gain flexibility in your wrist.

We had drafting class in the afternoon - we draft more skirts!!! Whoo hoo! All with pleats. hmmm...we've been concentrating on skirts because of our upcoming skirt project in week 8 (this is week 3). We get to pick a skirt design we like e.g. from a magazine and we're going to draft and sew the skirt! i've yet to really look around for something i like...we're told it can't be TOO easy to sew...can't be a straightforward design. rather it needs to incorporate some challenging aspects, e.g. extra details, etc. i'm looking forward to this! so fun!

School's getting crazy...despite what we think are intensive hours, we've been repeatedly told by teachers that we are having a very relaxing (hrmph, right) term. things are also expected to hot up from the 4th week onwards because a lot of our assignments are due around then! arrgghhhhh! *freak out*
Teachers expect students to stay behind after classes end at 6 to practice on the machines, or work. i hear that the senior students stay till school closes (10pm) on weekdays and they also come back on weekends to finish up their stuff, especially as the fashion show draws near. they are all rushing their collections out - graduating students are expected to design and sew 5 outfits to
showcase at the graduating class fashion show.


just returned from shopping! but did not buy anything...went to bugis village with Afton (my lone singaporean classmate) and Lu (my lone vietnamese classmate) to scour the tiny shops...they bought stuff, i didn't, as usual!

Lu brought us for vietnamese food at a restaurant she frequents along Liang Seah Street. It was fun hanging out today...I find myself treading a fine line at Bugis village which is similar to Heeren - lots of youngish style and cheap clothes...trying to look for funky but not too "i'm trying to act young when i'm not so young" clothes. Also realised that after learning to make garments, i tend to not want to pay for stuff that i think i can make myself - great money saving habit!


charmaine said...

wow, sweetheart neckline looks tough to make!! and, i forgot to compliment you on the nice colour wheel in earlier blog!!

great pix of Shirley etc! HELLO SHIRLEY! :D

did you have those fresh springrolls at vietnamese place? :D

dot said...

no i didn't! i had some spicy beef pho recommended by my viet. friend. i will next time i go though! restaurant is called mdm saigon