so, what is dorothy doing, actually???

thank you for all your emails today!

was overwhelmed by the response...i had like 20 waiting for me in my mailbox...but don't get me wrong, i love them! it's so very exciting to come home to them after a long day.

in all my flurry and excitement of school and being a new blogger, i realised i didn't explain what this blog is all about (looks like quite a few don't have a clue judging from the emails).

so, well, for the uninitiated, after almost 7 years of work, I have decided to pursue my dreams and return to school - specifically fashion design school. my course lasts till the end of this year and i have the option of staying on for an additional year. I'm still in Singapore...due to the sorry state of the Singapore - Pound exchange rate, i cannot go to Central Saint Martins, breeding ground of designers such as Alexander Mcqueen, Stella McCartney, etc. Also cannot go to Parson's in NY, whose alumni include Donna Karan, Tom Ford.. sob. just think, you might have had a world famous designer friend. think about the possible 'friend of the designer' discounts! oh well...

enough information? if not, please post a comment.....i've changed the settings to allow anonymous comments..meaning
you can post a comment without registering with blogger.com. please leave me your comments!!! i would love to hear what you have to say. Just remember to leave your name if you post anonymously...so i can respond in kind! thank you charmaine for the 1st drastic-measures blog comment! read it here....

Altho it's been a hectic ride so far, and if it isn't obvious enough from my posts, I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!

Today's activities - just 1 class today, Draping. Draping is the art of creating a garment pattern piece by draping and moulding material directly on a dress form - here's one.

so, we have like tonnes of these dress forms in class, and we're cutting cloth, draping and pinning them on the forms to make a skirt. It's just a different method of creating garment patterns...the other one being drafting (i.e creating the pattern directly on paper). it's a relatively relaxing class, and edmund our teacher is pretty nice. class ended at 3 (usually ends at 6). it's a nice change to have the afternoon free.
wah hahahahah....one of my classmates guessed that i was 18! hahah...ok, ok i know it's stretching it rather thin but nonetheless, made my day! poor dear, little does she know...! see, the wonders of stopping work.. better than birds nest, i tell you.

random aside - dot's creations

some items i've created so far. these items are not part of the fashion design course..just what i was doing in my free time, even before school

Tote bag
Toons Tote side cropped

Here's toon ling with her "dotty" bag

Sash - my first successful sale on ebay...how exciting!
now on the way to Amy in Texas (excludes jeans!)
Sash 3

see you soon! visit soon for more drastic action!!!


Anonymous said...

say, are those jeans being worn by an invisible woman?? cool...

Anonymous said...

say, you should post your course schedule so the world will know what you're taking!

Anonymous said...

i think you should do the dotty bag in 3 sizes - large, med, and shallow/small as more of a handbag type... but then again, i know nuts abt fashion...

dot said...

hello, who are you?!

invisible woman - yes, she has a 2D body.

schedule - yes did think about posting schedule but was to lazy to figure out how to do it...since i have got a request i will attempt to do so now!

dotty bags - possibly will do so if there is a demand!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you were up to! Drastic Measures? I love the pun! I think it's great what you're doing. Hope we can all get together soon to meet some fashion models...uh, did I just say that out loud? ... I meant to get the 3D story!

Neither anonymous
Nor invisible...

dot said...

hello edwin, no models yet....but i do have some very young classmates!

Arina said...

Hey Dorothy,

I love the sash! U r doing great so keep up the good work. The bags look interesting too. Hey, m really glad that u r so happy enjoying what u r doing. Make me soooo envious. Well, if only I have known what u r really up to earlier, I would have asked u to help sew a nice white baptism dress for my daughter! Well, I will be very keen to patronise your designer start-up when u eventually set up one. It's so exciting to read your blog... takes away the mundane from my boring working life. Always wanted to start a bakery shop... u just set me thinking and feeling guilty abt livng a dream and not making it happen...

hey, ever consider making baby clothes for girls lah. Mothers these days are willing to spend... well,at leasy I would!

Claire said...


I just wanted to ask a question about your bags (which look awesome, by the way).

Do you stitch the lining to the bottom of the bag in some way to keep it in place? If so, how do you do it without any stitching showing?

claire at quirk .co .nz