Project Green Apple part 1 aka the Bridesmaid Gowns

Whoo hoo!

Guess what came in the post today?? This fabulous bag and belt from Toon! Plus a Little Miss Dotty book which was sooooooo cute.
Thanks Toon! I wear tomorrow, ok?

The major task of the day was to get nice bridesmaid gown material. I'm going to help Alicia make the bridesmaid gowns for her wedding in September and we decided to start early.
In the afternoon, Esther, Meiping (the bridesmaids) & I went to Arab street to scout for material. Esther & Meips found this FABULOUS apple green Indian silk at a shop called, would you believe it, Ali Baba!!! Yes! And guess what the owner's name was? Ali

The silk is soooooo fab! I can't wait to work with the stuff... I can't post pictures today because stupidly forgot to bring my camera. I insisted that Meips take pics using her camera phone. Will upload them here when she sends them to me, but they are probably not going to be that sharp, sigh.

Also discovered Bussorah Street (adjacent to Arab), a stretch of quaint shops and cafes....we spent some time at the Ambrosia cafe - we get to take our shoes off and I had a tasty mango lassi. There were people smoking shishas too, but not for me!

Oh, and almost done with the bustier top....will post soon!

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