Me, Myself & Mannequin

hoho got some photos from school today!

me and my dressform

isn't this great! this is after draping class - see the nice gathered skirt i have created today! and i'm not that short, ok if that's what you're thinking! we have raised the dress forms so that it's easier for us to do the skirt draping.
my drafting table is in the corner of the picture. this is the drafting room, i think this counts as my favourite classroom at school. it's spacious, has huge tables which are a real luxury when drafting as we need lots of space when we handle large sheets of paper and rulers etc!

[note on outfit: thanks to toon ling for the belt, cindy for the red top. the skirt is from bangkok's chatuchak market from jul, janet, jackie and my recent bkk trip.]
and this is me trying to "wear" the skirt!

cynthia is also trying to wear her skirt. cynthia is affectionately known to the class as "mongyet" or monkey in bahasa indonesia 'cos of her newly coloured hair. do not be mislead by her demure dress today - this is the 1st time i'veseen her in a dress since we started school! she's much more the class tomboy

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