Marathon Sewing Session

stayed up till almost 4am last night making my HUGE school bag even though i had to be in school by 9.30 this morning. it's a little too huge....i look quite like i'm carrying a sack of potatoes...errr nevermind it will definitely fit all my barang 'tho! was almost done when i realised that i had attached 1 strap wrongly and had to unpick the stitching ('i love my seamripper' *repeat* 'i love my seamripper') *not* something i relish at 4 in the morning! after that i decided against finishing the bag and went to sleep. it's always when you're trying to rush something out that everything goes wrong - ask anyone who sews!

[note: a seamripper is a small sharp instrument that is used to, ur, rip seams..duh..i mean it's used to unpick a row of stiching that's done incorrectly. needless to say sewers have a love/ hate relationship wih our seamripper]

DYING when i woke up this morning at 8.30. dragged half-zombified self to school for 7 hours of sewing class. Sewing was fun though! we sewed a simple women's top. Which meant we practised sewing necklines, armholes, side seams, etc etc. That took the whole day...would you believe it?? When we go for future exams we're expected to complete sewing 1 garment within 4 hours. that's cool!

The difference between sewing here (factory/ industry style) versus home sewing is that, in home sewing...you mark sewing lines on the fabric which indicates where to sew, how much seam allowance to leave. In school we are trained for industrial sewing - there are no sewing lines marked on fabric. Instead a system of notches (small snips in the side of the fabric) is used to indicate how and where to sew. We are also trained to use our eyes to guide us - e.g. if we are to sew 2 cm from the edge of the fabric, we cannot mark the fabric but we have to use our eyes and the sewing machine to help us gauge that distance. In this way, the garment making process is highly speeded up.

after class we take our 1st class excursion to Block 270 Queen Street (behind Bugis Village) to buy fabric! It's hot but we're all excited. We're brought around to a couple of the fabric shops and recommended fabric that we should buy for our assignments (not too thick or too stretchy). We have 3 items to buy for - a skirt, a kimono and a pair of bemudas. Cynthia is very excited that she's found fabric in her favourite green for the kimono....Mini has got a rainbow and stars fabric for hers (she figures she's not going to be wearing it too much!)

Here's (from left) myself, Afton and Lidia after all the shopping!

Late dinner last night

Abalone feast! Kisu and I went to the Thai VIllage Sharksfin restaurant at the Goodwood Park Hotel and had everything except their "zhao pai cai" (speciality dish).

Abalone rice.....

Abalone Abalone Abalone......

Curry prawns....the gravy for this was gooooooood!

Kisu with Curry prawns

It was a yummy meal!

And I noticed this on the way into the hotel and just had to take a picture!

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arina said...

Hey, is Kisu your bf? Yeah, very KPO huh? Hee. Well, that looked like a pigging session... I wish I can glutton away... got those pounds to shed man after child birth.