Fruitful day & 3 new bags!

sweat shop action!

3 bags completed today - 2 dotty bags for charmaine and my huge school bag, finally!
cellphone next to bag to give an idea of size..

earlier in the morning, did my colour wheel assignment - here it is!

dinner at charmaine & woei wen's place with meiping - to start we had hoover whampoa rojak, lady's fingers fried with sambal. Main course was a hearty chicken & old cucumber soup and dessert was Meip's homebaked brownies and Cedele carrot cake AND malteses ice cream. Whew!

here we are after dinner, stuffed!

oh! what's this charmaine is holding????!!!


Charmaine said...

FANTASTIC dotty bags, PM!!!! THANK YOU FOR THEM! brought to work to show everyone. Alicia can parade hers in London!!!

you know what, I forgot the carrot cake in a zip bag I put it in for you!!!! URGH!!!!! SORRY! can I drop it off for you this evening?

BAD picture!!!!!!!!!

dot said...

great! i'm getting multinational exposure!! let me know how they hold up - going to make a new batch - more colours coming up!

Anonymous said...

Didnt think school can be that exciting, Dot. You really sound like you love it. Happy for you. Oh yah, one dotty bag please. It's time I move on from my boring unisex looking baby bjorn diaper bag. ~Aivee.

yun-jo said...

i'm diligently following your blog and i love it! i like the pictures of your projects. but i'm still waiting for THE picture... ahem.....

charmaine said...

all my colleagues sitting around me think Dotty bag is fantastic!!! seriously - got more unaided compliments on it vs aided compliments!! they are excited about seeing more colours! they said they would order if the price is right ;) so think about price! and more colours! :D

dot said...

hello folks, thank you for all your comments! so lovely to hear from everyone and very encouraged!

hold your horses for the dotty bags...i'm so encouraged by the response. am going fabric shopping this week and mass production should start soon - will try my best to keep all updated on progress!