Found - tasty hainanese pork chop

think i've finally found the tasty hainanese pork chop place around school...from beach road, turn left into purvis street. 1st coffeeshop on the right...nice and clean too, and the chops were yummy! juicy....had lunch with Mini, my classmate who's from Shenzhen. Like me, she's graduated and been working for a couple of years. We try our best with her pidgin English and my pathetic mandarin....

so, i'm trying to play a bit of catch up here on the blog - school has been flying by and so many assignments! i'll try to give a flavour of what i'm doing.

this is truly a demanding and intensive course..now i know why the school did not recommend doing it part time.

Here's some stuff I've been working on:

Sewing assignments
From left: curved seams, overlocking and handsewing exercises


Colour wheel assignment from Line & Colour class
We have to paint this thing to make it very colourful...supposed to look very impressive looking once done. It's to help figure out complimentary colour schemes.


Drafting equipment and pattern plan
Drafting creates the actual pattern pieces from which fabric is cut to make each garment. For a creative process, you wouldn't believe how technical this can get!



iceblueorb said...

this is fantastic, PM!! your daily happenings sound really exciting, will tune in everyday!!! ps: your chinese very good one leh, where got pathetic ;)

dot said...

haha...trust me, v the pathetic mandarin!!!! i will hopefully improve with time. today, learnt the chinese term for "cm" - li2 mi3

Anonymous said...

we want pictures of the PORK CHOPS!!! please? pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Please explain "chinese term for "cm" - li2 mi3". I see that you have your trusty digital camera with you always now....- MW

dot said...

ho ho yes you can look forward to pictures of the chops since i intend to go back to have them AGAIN!!!! yes!

Hi Mike! With regards to "cm" - i meant 'centimetres'. Metre is pronounced 'Mi3' in mandarin and centremetre is 'Li2 Mi3'. Li, Mi is hanyu pinyin and the number following it denotes which of the 4 tones of mandarin it is. I love the camera...it's a konica minolta Dimage X50 - 0.5 startup and super lite!

dot said...

0.5 seconds i meant to say - in the previous comment