Fabulous Fabric - Shopping Frenzy

today was MAJOR fabric shopping day in preparation for the dotty bags production....
spent the morning drafting pattern pieces

afternoon shopping for fabrics - i did not expect to end up with so much fabric!!!
and it was soooo heavy that i had to get a cab to lug it all back home. here's a sneak peek of the fabric bought...expect some pastel dotty bags coming up!

I also managed to get this fabric at a bargain price, $3 for a couple of yards!
ugly material
isn't it so ugly it's adorable?? it was going at a bargain 'cos it's got some brown stains on it plus it was also the last bit left....the fabric is now sitting in a tub of washing powder and colour bleach to rid it of its nasty stains.
i think this will either be a tunic or dress! juliana, i guess your theory about deserving a discount for buying the last piece is applicable in this case. however, i did not tell the shopowner that since i was a "mei-nu" and he was a "shuai-ge" i should get a discount!!

amidst the crazed fabric buying spree, i managed to detour for another favourite activity...shopping!!!
i'm expecting this to be a favourite shopping haunt from now on...managed to snag a pair of 3/4 pants for $19! for those who are not aware, this fashion is a bargain type store with racks and racks stuffed full of cheap clothes. you have to dig around to find good stuff, but who doesn't love a bargain?



Yun-Jo said...

glad to see that you got patterns instead of all solids. are all your interiors gonna have the white polka dots on black? can you add a picture of your label?

dot said...

these are the lining materials. as these form an entire series, all the bag exteriors will be solid corduroy. i expect to experiment with printed exteriors soon!

picture of the label will be coming up soon!

charmaine said...

good cloth!!

arina said...

i like the pattern of the fabric that you bot! I m a big fan of printed stuff except that for prints, there is a thin line between looking like a curtain (if u wear a printed dress) and looking chic and relaxed.U using them to make bags instead?

dot said...


yes, printed stuff shown will be made into bags..the lining. the exterior of the bag will be corduroy, in different colours other than the original red, tho the red will still be available. have started production in the bags, and i'll try to post pics of the other colours soon!