Day off!

eh people, can leave your names on the comments you post...click on "Other" when you post and it will allow you to type in your name. If not, then post anonymously but put your name/ initial in the comment itself. Half the fun is gone since I can't tell who said what...don't be shy ok? thanks!

Anyways. today is my day off from school - i'm so glad for a rest period!
Here's my weekly schedule for school for the 1st semester - from now till June.

10am - 2pm Women's Wear Pattern Drafting
2.20pm - 6pm Sewing Techniques

9.30am - 1pm Sewing Techniques
2.20pm - 6pm Line & Colour

10am - 11.40am Figure Drawing
12.20pm - 2pm Figure Drawing (cont'd)
2.20pm - 6pm Women's Wear Pattern Drafting

10am - 3pm Pattern Draping

Tomorrow I have an entire day of sewing class - it's a make up lesson for the Labour Day public holiday. 9.30 - 4.30! But we go on our 1st class excursion right after - we're going to buy cloth for our sewing projects! How fun!!!! Finally get to make an actual garment rather than sewing random lines of scraps of cloth...unfortunately the garments & patterns here are all made to a single standard size which means i probably cannot wear any of them after they are completed!

This weekend, i will attempt to make a school bag for myself - i have been lugging tonnes of stuff to school everyday and my existing bags cannot fit them all! we have our sewing kit (size of a toolbox), 60 cm long rulers, A3 sized files, huge portfolio bags etc etc....i'm going to make a huge tote using some olive green corduroy i got from queen street. the material is in the wash now before i start working with it. I miss the days where i can just run around carrying a small handbag!

Here's my trusty Elna sewing machine to help me with the sewing, ta da!


oh, and i'm working on some pieces in my dressmaking class - yes!!! i am so obsessed that i also take a dressmaking course on the side in addition to my full time course!...i've been taking part time dressmaking classes for close to a year now and it was actually this part time course that got me really interested in pursuing fashion design. still in the works now - a blouse and bustier coming up......

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Pat Lee said...

Great way to go, girl! Am excited for you.