The Bustier has arrived!

have finally, finally completed the bustier top! And yes, that's me wearing it!!!! Lighting ain't so good 'cos I was so excited I had to take a photo the minute i finished it, which is just this evening. And of course pictures don't turn out as nice as they do in natural daylight.


it took me a much longer time than i expected - the fabric is pretty thick and i had problems putting it through the machine (thread jumping, fabric getting stuck in the machine, etc etc). using the industrial sewing machine helped, as it's heavy duty and much better able to take thick material, so the sewing process was pretty smooth.

Thanks to Lydia my dressmaking class teacher at kadomay dressmaking and fashion design training centre who patiently guided me from drafting to sewing this top! For anyone who's interested in making their own clothes (i highly recommend it, so satisfying. i'm biased, but OF COURSE! what did you expect?) please come join the bunch of us at this class - you will be inspired by the creations.

OK, advertisement time.

I shall be blatent about it because all budding designers need as much help as they can get, ok...some of my fellow classmates have just started their own online fashion business so do check it out!



charmaine said...

great bustier!! fantastic job! looks darn hard to make!!

dot said...

yup, it was pretty darn hard!
glad i got it out of the way, finally!

Jackie said...

Hi Dot,
I've been slowly catching up on your blog today....it's fantastic!!! Had alot of fun reading it, and the fabric of the bustier top is really nice....very retro looking, love it!! Looks like u did some trimming along the bustline....was it difficult??

dot said...

hello jac! oh goody, you like it?? i was hoping you guys would like the fabric...got to work on the fit tho! bust area needs improvement on the shaping heh heh..the trimming is actually velvet fabric along the top and bottom. Putting the trimming on wasn't too difficult thankfully! I thought it would be, but went pretty smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dot,

I'm interested in taking up a dress-making course as well. Could you advise on the fees and things like that?