1st day of school - 4 April 2005

[This was to be posted on the 4th of April, but had problems with the blog setup]

Hello folks! Get ready for a loooooong blog about my 1st day back at school!

So many people have been asking me about it that I thought the best plan was to blog it and send it all around….

Here I am on the way to school…with my newly purchased red birkinstocks from MBK in bangkok. For those interested, I was wearing a white tank and worn jeans – almost the same outfit as years ago in NUS, except …erm a couple sizes larger.



So I was there at 8.30am – yes! Worse than waking up for work! We had orientation today otherwise school usually starts at 9.30 or 10am. Shown a video and also introduced to members of the faculty – they looked like they were older, phew.

We start class immediately! After orientation I rushed to buy the contents of my sewing kit and then off to class 1 – Drafting where we draw pattern pieces of a garment out. OK, the lecturer tells us that she’s returned to teach after graduating last year – hmm..so she is younger than me. We are warned not to be late, otherwise we’ll be marked as absent. 5 absences will mean we fail the course. We’ve also given a list of house rules by another teacher – teacher sounds really scary.

And my classmates are asking about each other’s ages…the oldest I hear is 20, and the youngest…..16.

1st draft I made was of an A-line skirt…just about the most basic garment you can start with.

Quick lunch – chicken rice across the street. A quick bite and rush back for sewing class.

Introduced to the industrial sewing machine. Now I’m used to home sewing machines, I even have one of my own..but the industrial type is an entirely different creature. It’s faster and needs effort to control. But I was very excited to be using one after hearing all about them. Exercise 1 – straight seams. Teacher again VERY scary…warns of lateness/ absences again…and does not allow mobiles to be used in class, cannot eat, cannot drink etc etc. If I don't pick up your calls, you know why!! I feel like I’m being treated like a kid in primary 1.

We will graduate to sewing bodices, skirts, bemudas and kimonos (a bath robe really) for our sewing assignments.

I am EXHAUSTED at the end of the day!

Time to treat myself to some comfort food.

Tasty BLT with self administered mayo garnish - from Seah Street Deli, right by school!



Anonymous said...

wow... that BLT looks GOOOOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, that mayo looks pretty darn tasty too!

dot said...

oh it was and i finished it all. stacks of streaky crispy bacon. heart attack on a plate.

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sleepyhead said...

hihi, can I find out which fashion design school you went to?