Quick and Easy Polish for Mums

I love getting regular pedicures (or rather express pedis) 'cause they make such a difference in how my feet look. 
They last me a good 2-3 weeks, which to me is worth the money spent.

Manicures on the other hand, I only do for special occasions like Chinese New Year. And I have to opt for gelish because between kids and how I treat my nails, regular ones would get chipped in no time. Gelish lasts but it's expensive and my nails feel thinner & weaker once the gelish is removed. I love how my nails look, but it's not something I can indulge in often.

So when I read about Dior Nail Glow, I knew I had to check it out!

Here it is on my hand: looks professionally painted even with my clumsy self manicure. The effect is very subtle but glossy but the best part is it makes your hands look done. Gave my nails some polish (pardon the super penny pun) and I can do it myself! To me, that's a great easy everyday varnish solution.

And since we're on the subject of polish, I'm trying out Essie for the first time, in Fiji, a very pale chalky pink.


Looking Back...but also Forward

Just a short one as it's been a while.  So after years (almost 2 and a half), I revisited this blog yesterday and wow like I said on Facebook, what a blast from the past. I am amazed I've done this much...experienced this much. I was doing "research" - I am doing a brief sharing session tomorrow at the Mums@Work Mumpreneur Workshop. Had to think back to the time I started and thank goodness for this blog which documented my journey...not all but a good chunk of it. It was great looking back...and gosh how young I looked!


in pursuit of the elusive "edited" wardrobe

I'm back and inspired again to blog after my girls trip to HK with my shopping buds J, J & P. It is my first "real" holiday in 3 years ever since E was born. "Real" in that it was a girls only therefore I didn't have any mummy responsibilities on the trip.

I knew even before I went on this trip that I really needed it, for a change of scene and just so I could step out of mummy mode for a little while. Am back and inspired to update my wardrobe after some cute buys from HK. I only spent two and a half proper days there and while I can be impulsive I'm usually quite a controlled shopper. So I didn't come back with a huge haul, but I'm happy with every piece that I got.

Here's a capture of the joint HK stash. Not everything is here though, only the bags & shoes (only 1 of the bags is mine btw. Click on the photo to enlarge)

HK haul

So, couple things I'd like to do following the trip:

1. (The main thing) Edit my wardrobe, I've already begun. (I crammed so many pieces in there that the clothes are creasing and I can't wear them!) It's time for a style update! I might do some "Shop My Closet" posts if I get round to taking pictures.

2. Post pictures of my HK buys

I have some other ideas for the blog but am still mulling over it. Something along the lines of listing down clothes/accessories/makeup etc that I use and like. Any suggestions? Leave a comment!


hello! i can't help but share the k-drama love....here's what I'm currently watching:

Oh My Lady
starring Chae Rim ("Dalja's Spring") & Choi Si-won (of boyband Super Junior)

and Personal Taste starring Lee Min-ho (aka Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers Fame) and Sohn Ye-jin.

So far, enjoying both but Oh My Lady more - could be because I've watched more episodes and the plot/characters have moved on a little further.

The shows are ongoing and you can watch both at
viikii. If you're the type who likes to analyse and review stuff, here's a good blog to check out.



Mums out there, check out this new magazine babyChic - it's a shopping magazine for kids aged 0-6. Dote will be appearing in it very soon!


good design

"Good design has nothing to do with opinion and 'taste'. From a manufacturer's perspective, a good designs is a design that sells profitably....you need to create emotional distance from your idea of good taste on everyone else, because many people have lousy taste and will never change." The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing, Kathleen Fasanella

The past week has been spent mainly sketching and thinking up new designs for the next collection. i'm working on Spring Summer 2011 now - can you believe it? Ever since switching to marketing one season ahead, the entire work calendar has been pushed forward as well. I'm still trying to adjust. In fact I had to skip SS10 to catch up.

I need to get everything for SS11 ready by September, which means from now till then I'll be busy doing everything from conceptualization, design, sampling, photo shoots to preparing collateral e.g. catalogs, buyer's packs etc. All this on top of the day to day i.e. processing orders & deliveries.

I struggled a little initially trying to figure out the broad concept/direction for the new collection. I'm constantly trying to second-guess - hmmm, I think customers/buyers won't like such a style - as I'm sketching. It really kills the process because the design gets dumped before it even has time to evolve. Like, I want to try something I think is cool and different but then I end up trashing it because I don't think it'll have enough commercial appeal. Nursing wear is tricky in particular - you can't really be terribly adventurous because the typical customer is usually pretty conscious of their weight/appearance at that point and the styles can't be too radical.

Anyway, I've come to a stage where I'm happy with the direction I'm going from a design angle, and also think the styles will be marketable. The stuff needs to sell for the business to survive, but I don't really want to churn out the same old styles either. It's a critical balance, and not easy to arrive at.

The statement at the beginning is oh so true and something I tell myself to remember.


Dote Photoshoot

Time again for another shoot. It's only 2 collections a year but it seems like a neverending cycle of designing, sampling, shooting and production!

It was a very interesting learning experience for me, I've done a few shoots so far but there's always something to learn, something new to pick up. Everything was done in studio this time so it was pretty comfortable - no sweating under the heat at least.

It'll be a while before I can post the final results so have to keep everyone in suspense till then.

AW10 Shoot Lilian N 1

AW10 Shoot Lilian N 2